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COMBO - ignitiON Controls NA2 EX E6 & Button Box Mount


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Combine and save over 20$ off regular retail price.

  • NA2 EX E6 Button Box from ignitiON Controls
    • The NA2 EX E6 Button Box from ignitiON Controls is one of the most premium button box available in the SimRacing industry today.
    • Handcrafted in Poland with high quality steel and aluminum for unsurpassed quality and finish.
    • Much more robust and durable when compared to 3D-printed button boxes.
    • Premium quality buttons with a firm and defined feel.
    • Large concave buttons surface for the best tactile experience.
    • Subtle red LEDs that light up the buttons.
    • Six rotary encoders for precise in-game changes and adjustments.
    • Features a 4-way joystick switch with 4 inputs (not an analog joystick).
    • 32 inputs in total available on the NA2 EX E6 Button Box.
    • Plug & play and easy to map in each game with no software or special configuration required before usage.
  • Button Box Mount from Advanced SimRacing
    • Our Button Box Mount is designed to be completely universal in terms of compatibility and mounting solutions, thanks to its dual sliding Universal Mounting Brackets.
    • With the possibility to swivel and tilt, it will allow you to position your Button Box on your simulator in any position that you would require toCombo replicate the interior of a real race car.
    • It is made in Canada from the same quality hardware and pieces that we use for all of our products.
  • NA2 EX E6 Button Box from ignitiON Controls
    • Features an aluminum top plate and a steel casing.
    • All-metal enclosure with a powder coated finish
    • 6 industrial-grade CTS rotary encoders, featuring two with integrated push switches.
    • 10 tactile feel push-buttons with red integrated LEDs.
    • 3 non-momentary (no spring return) ON-OFF toggle switches , including one with a safety cover (may require external software such as SVMapper, Joy2Key or AutoHotKey for proper operation, depending on the game being played) .
    • 1 small non-momentary On-Off toggle switch (Serves as the power switch for LEDs on the button box).
    • 1 large high quality "Engine Start" button with an integrated red LED.
    • 4-way joystick switch with 4 inputs (not an analog joystick).
    • 1 blinking LED indicator - paired with the left toggle switch in the middle row.
    • Enclosure dimensions: 154 x 254 x 49 mm.
    • Connection: USB Type B, USB cable included.
    • 4 built-in metric M4 threads (centered on the backside) for VESA (100x100mm) direct hard mounting.
  • Button Box Mount from Advanced SimRacing
    • Maximum gap between both Universal Mounting Brackets : 8"
    • Universal Mounting Brackets vertical size : 5"
    • Maximum mounting pattern that can be achieved : 8" x 5"
    • Universal Mounting Brackets tilt angle range : 90 degrees up or down
    • Pivot angle range for the aluminum support beam : 180"
    • Mountable on any aluminum profile part of your Advanced SimRacing chassis
  • NA2 EX E6 Button Box from ignitiON Controls
    • ignitiON Controls NA2 EX E6 Button Box
    • USB Type B Cable included
  • Button Box Mount from Advanced SimRacing
    • 1 x Aluminum profile 8" x 1.5" x 1.5"
    • 1 x 3/32" Steel U-Bracket
    • 2 x 1/8" Steel L-Bracket
    • 2 x Universal Mounting Brackets
    • 2 x M6 Screws (12mm)
    • 2 x M6 T-Nuts
    • 4 x M8 Button Head Screws (12mm)
    • 2 x M8 T-Nuts
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    For any support and warranty inquires regarding the ignitiON Controls NA2 EX E6, please contact ignitiON Controls at support@ignitioncontrols.com

    For the Button Box Mount, Advanced SimRacing-brand products come with a free and complete lifetime replacement warranty that covers any and all hardware durability issue and damage stemming from proper assembly and residential usage of the product. All hardware parts, aluminum beams and steel plates or gussets are covered under this warranty. Please contact info@advancedsimracing.com for information or claims in regards to this lifetime warranty.

    Warranty coverage limitations:

    • Any condition resulting from other than ordinary residential wear or any use for which the product was not intended, such as use in rental, contract trade or commercial use
    • Any condition resulting from incorrect or inadequate manipulation, maintenance or care of the product
    • Damage resulting from misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents or shipping damage
    • Any esthetic damage such as scratches and chipping that might occur during normal residential manipulation, assembly and operation of the product
    • Normal and expected wear and tear
    • Damages incurred during transportation by our shipping partners or by the customers upon reception of the product
    • Dissatisfaction due to buyer's remorse.