Factory Reconditioned D-BOX Generation 1 2250i Haptic System (1.5" travel range)

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How are race car drivers able to push their vehicle right on the edge and maximize their performance lap after lap? They are perfectly in tune with their machinery and have the capacity to interpret some of the most subtle feedback it provides. D-BOX believes SimRacers are entitled to the same degree of symbiosis between machine and man so that they too can extract every ounce of performance possible!

Thanks to our unique, professionally designed haptic feedback, gamers can now feel all these crucial, subtle cues such as traction loss and road texture rather than solely relying on sight and sound. Licensed by the FIA, D-BOX haptic systems are the cream of the crop and stand as the ultimate add-on to unleash your true SimRacing potential.

4 actuator D-BOX system available here : D-BOX G1 4250i Haptic System (1.5" travel range) 

  • Unleash your true SimRacing potential by FEELING the car
  • Provides ultimate immersion and realism by involving your whole body
  • First and only system licensed by the FIA for professional-grade Racing Simulation
  • Replicates the widest range of movements, vibrations and textures in the industry
  • Easy plug-and-play approach
  • Exclusive, professionally designed haptic code integrated directly in the engine of your favorite games
  • Completely customizable haptic experience
  • Highly durable and reliable products that stem from over 20 years of experience in the industry and constant R&D
  • Power requirement
    • 2 actuators (2250i) : 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 5 A
  • Electrical consumption (under 160-pound load and 8 hours a day of operation)
    • 2 actuators (2250i) : 17 $ per year
  • Maximum vertical lift (travel range) : 1.5"
  • Maximum velocity : 100mm per second
  • Maximum acceleration : 1g of force
  • Frequency range : 0-100 hz
  • Operating temperature range : 0 to 40C
  • Operating humidity : 10% to 75%
  • Maximum lifting capacity per actuator : 113 kilograms / 250 pounds
  • Actuator form factor
    • Length of 292.67mm / 11.52"
    • Width at largest point of 58.01mm / 2.28"
  • A complete D-BOX G1 2250i Haptic System that includes;
  • 2 x D-BOX Actuators (1.5" travel range)
  • 1 x D-BOX Controllers 
  • 1 x D-BOX KAI USB Interface
  • 1 x Ethernet Cable
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 2 x Mounting Brackets (compatible with all ASR brand chassis)
  • 1 x Pivot point
  • 1 x D-BOX Controller mounting plate
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  • IMPORT DUTIES COVERED for U.S.-based customers.
  • We ship from Montreal in Canada
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A complete 1-year warranty provided by D-BOX Technologies inc. effective from the date of purchase.

Troubleshooting and customer support provided by Advanced SimRacing (info@advancedsimracing.com)

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