SimLine AMG GT3 Replica Wheel (Wired)

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  • Undoubtedly the prettiest replica of the Mercedes AMG GT3 steering wheel.

  • This project took us a long time. It seems to be a simple steering wheel, but the details that greatly affect its uniqueness took us many hours. In the project, we took into account the necessary universality of this steering wheel, but also the most faithful reproduction of details. Thanks to this, we were able to make a steering wheel that can be customized to some extent and still not lose its charm.

  • The steering wheel is large, racing drivers who drive this car often say that it is like from a truck not a racing car, but at the same time it is light and feels even more than on built-in, complicated steering wheels.

  • Its minimalism also appeals to many simulator enthusiasts. I hope to you too.

  • USB and SC2 Wireless connectivity (USB based on LeoBodnar controller, SC2 Wireless on Simucube controller)
  • width 325mm
  • thick solid grips
  • Japanese automotive class buttons with specially designed aluminum rims that can be laser engraved according to your idea
  • all wires have been protected with specially selected heat shrink tubing
  • magnetic aluminum shifters and paddles
  • high-quality spiral cable extending up to 3m
  • the main core is brushed and anodized in accordance with the version of the handlebar I was dealing with
  • the central hub has 6×70 threaded holes
  • the central bolts are covered by real carbon fiber
  • the steering wheel is trimmed with real automotive grade Alcantara (multi-layered), we are working on polyurethane grips, unfortunately the current ones do not meet our expectations, it is possible that they will be available in 6 months).
  • Optionally, it can include one or 2 funky switches
  • optionally, we can also use unused holes to mount additional 3 buttons (endurance version had more buttons)
      • 1 x SimLine AMG GT3 Replica Wheel
      • 1 x 2m Spiral Cord USB Cable
      • Compatible with PC / Windows
      • Compatible with the Simucube product line, VRS DirectForce Pro and other wheelbase manufacturers (please inquire for more information in regard to your specific wheelbase)
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