About us

Instead of writing a boring "About us" page, let me take this opportunity to tell you about our story.
It started as,
Two normal guys racing every night...
Started as a hobby like most of us...
As Canadians, we wanted more choice but couldn’t find viable options for 8020 aluminum rigs with decent pricing in USA nor Canada so we decided to explore the possibilities.
What if we fill that gap?
So we tried thinking how we could possibly do this ? What does it take? How much is it going to cost? Do we even have time for this?
We ended up taking the leap with one goal in mind... Let's conquer America!
I thought it wouldn’t be easy but we had a plan in mind, and let me tell you, boy we were wrong! Haha 🤣 (it's ALLOT harder than anticipated)
A full night of sleep is a thing of the past! Since we've started there’s always something coming up, a problem, another problem, certain issues we hadn’t planned. But it's fun!
www.simracingcanada.com was born for the Canadian market only as we did not want to bite more than we could chew. This was the right move as all the issues and problems related to shipping, production, supply were relatively small compared to if we had launched to the USA + Canada at the same time.
Our goal was relatively small. It was to create something of quality for the passionate like us.
We surpassed our first monthly goal by the end of our second week of operation. We were happy but we hadn’t planned to sell much, so it was telling us we were on the right path although we had to scale up, think differently, stock more hardware, boxes, aluminum, etc...
By the end of the first month we had doubled our target.
By the end of the second month we tripled our target.
By the end of the third month we quadrupled our target.
And that's only in canada...
The company expanded very fast but always kept the same philosophy which is customer service FIRST. This goes a long way in 2020.
Our work and quality of our products landed us a deal with two Porsche dealerships. It was an awesome milestone for us to see our rigs next to some 911s.
SimRacingCanada was now ready to take the second leap. The American dream...
Started from what we’ve learned and developed our new and improved rigs.
We knew we had to have 6" aluminum base as this was asked so many times. We finally had enough reputation and trust in our project to special order a ton of 6" profile. 
The ASR3 and ASR6 (plus many more accessories) are the best of the best.
We take real pride in our work and we really want to make a difference on the market. We spend allot of time and money designing + testing new parts and components for various piece of equipment and we feel that our ASR3 and ASR6 is the best bang for your buck that the market has to offer right now.
It's obvious we cant reinvent the wheel with aluminum rigs but what we offer is honestly the best quality/price you can have at the moment in America and we've put our sweat into getting America something they can rely on and not wait a few months to get.
Anyhow, we took our time and now we are ready to welcome all Americans and Canadians into our new endeavour,
Welcome to the Advanced SimRacing family! 🏎🏎🏎🏁🏁🏁