Ascher Racing McLaren Artura Sport Steering Wheel (Wireless | Simucube 2)

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  • The ultimate tool for your success – crafted with original McLaren Artura GT4 steering wheel parts, using the same ergonomics and 300mm diameter as the real motorsports wheel.
    • With unprecedented realism, exceptional precision and unmatched quality, the McLaren Esports wheels are redefining what‘s possible in the world of sim racing.
  • RGB illuminated high-quality automotive push buttons with individually adjustable cloring and tactile feedback.
    • Get ready for the ultimate racing experience and choose from 16 million colors while enjoying maximum precision thanks to all new buttons with tactile feedback.
  • No more stickers needed! Easily interchangeable and laser-etched button caps with all common symbols available.
    • Enjoy switching button caps in an uncomplicated manor thanks to our all new two-piece design and without the need of opening the whole wheel.
  • McLaren approved: our silenced magnetic single and double motorsport paddle shifters and clutches. All upgradeable

    • Benefit from our new generation of magnetic paddle shifters with improved feel and silencing. Upgrade single or double paddle shifters and clutch paddles to your needs and create the ultimate wheel for your success.
    • Based on the official McLaren Artura GT4 wheel and uses identical components
    • Platform independent USB or Simucube Wireless Wheel™
    • Magnetic and silenced single paddle shifters
    • Closed design with ergonomic rubber grips for maximum safety, stiffness, and grip
    • 14 x RGB illuminated high-quality automotive push buttons with individually adjustable coloring and tactile feedback
    • 2 x multifunctional 7-way joysticks
    • Official SimHub integration
    • SC: Static lighting; brightness and color profiles can be controlled via the steering wheel
    • USB: Animated, telemetry-supported lighting
    • Upgradeable range of functions (double shifter, clutch paddles)
    • 300 mm wheel diameter
    • 6 x 70 mm hole pattern

      • Based on the official McLaren Artura GT4 wheel
      • Uses identical components of real-racing steering wheel
      • Esports optimized functionality
      • Maximum grip level from ergonomically improved rubber grips and 300 mm wheel diameter used in the real race car

      • Wireless connection to SC2
      • Low latency
      • Average battery runtime: 800h (rechargeable)
      • Average battery runtime with backlighting: up to 30h
      • Easy to charge: USB-C port on the rear (approx. 6h)
      • Button inputs via Simucube – no additional Windows controller needed
      • Hot swapping wheels in-game without reconfiguring inputs
      • Maximum signal quality via external stub antenna


    • OVER 30 INPUTS

      • 14 x RGB illuminated push buttons (16 Mio. colors); individually adjustable coloring and tactile feedback
      • 2 x multifunctional 7-way joysticks (4 directions / rotate clock- anticlockwise/ push button)
      • 2 x 12-position rotary switches
      • 2 x Gen6 magnetic and silenced motorsports single shifters
      • Upgradeable range of functions (double shifter, clutch paddles)



      • Machined out of automotive aluminum
      • Black anodized and laser engraved
      • Brushed front plate surface finish
      • Glass bed blasted paddle surface finish



      • New generation of magnetic shifters developed from scratch for motorsport applications
      • Machined and anodized out of automotive aluminum
      • Proven strong snap-action force
      • Silenced by damped rubber stops on both ends with unlimited precision due to tight tolerances
      • Free of play due to preloaded ball bearings
      • Marginal hysteresis for noise-free and precise gear changes
      • No switches inside –extremely durable hall sensor
      • Unlimited interchange possibilities due to identical mounting points for double shifter paddles



      • Laser-etched button caps with most common symbols available
      • Easily interchangeable due to two-piece-design – no need to open the wheel
      • Additional labels for various common steering wheel inputs



      • Low power consumption of only max. 500mA according to USB specification
      • No power injection required
      • Unrestricted operation with all PC motherboards
      • Unrestricted operation with Asetek QR System
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