Asetek SimSports Invicta Quick Release Adapter

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  • Unleash the possibilities with the Invicta™ Quick Release Adapter!

  • We realize that many sim racers have personal preferences for their steering wheel so instead of locking you into a specific eco-system, we offer our Quick Release Adapter, meaning you can use your favorite steering wheel with your Asetek SimSports® Wheelbase.

  • Changing steering wheels has never been easier. Once you have finished installing the Quick Release Adapter, simply press a paddle to detach the wheel from the wheelbase, and it will effortlessly be in your hands. As easy as shifting gears!

  • The Invicta™ Quick Release adapter is a sturdy, zero play, all aluminum quick release with an optional USB connection, meaning you can connect your wheel directly to your Asetek SimSports® Wheelbase through the QR.

  • Featuring both at 6x70mm and 2″ bolt pattern, maximizing compatilibity.

  • Tech Specs
    • Exquisite, radical, and minimalistic industrial design
    • Designed and manufactured in Denmark
    • All black anodized aluminium
    • Three lengths included: 80 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm (total Quick Release lengths)
  • Dimensions
    • 75 x 78 x 80/150/200 mm

  • Asetek Simsports Invicta Direct Drive Wheelbase 
  • Asetek Simsports Forte Direct Drive Wheelbase 
  • Asetek SimSports La Prima Direct Drive Wheelbase
  • All Steering Wheels featuring a 6×70 mm or 2″ bolt pattern
  • During development and production, we’ve tested the Invicta Quick Release with a wide variety of steering wheels from both our official partners as well as other manufacturers. As such, we can guarantee the USB 2.0 connection and the mechanical fit of the 70 mm hole pattern and the quick release mechanism itself.  What we cannot guarantee however, is that any and all wheel manufacturers follow the USB 2.0 standards. If you’re in doubt about compatibility, please contact your steering wheel manufacturer.

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