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  • Advanced SimRacing is proud to introduce the ASR-DX, our Self-Operated High-End Racing Simulation Pod purpose-built for high-traffic commercial entertainment locations.
  • Built in partnership with entertainment industry-leader D-BOX, the ASR-DX is a self-contained revenue generating solution that requires no staffing or maintenance.
  • The ASR-DX is designed and manufactured in Canada by Advanced SimRacing, the world’s leading racing simulation specialist and supplier.
  • This all-inclusive Pod system features two ultra high-end, professional-grade racing simulators assembled by our team of industry-leading technicians.
  • Racing on the ASR-DX will feel like the real deal through ultra-precise haptics and motion from D-BOX’ highly immersive and entertaining Generation 5 system.
  • Users will embark on a complete “tap-to-play” racing experience that features an integrated credit card payment system, a scenario selection touch screen, an introduction video, simple operational instructions, a set duration of racing action and a results page for racing performance data.
  • The system features professional-grade racing simulation peripherals used by racing drivers all over the globe, made accessible to all through a frictionless arcade-type experience.
  • The simulators are running Assetto Corsa using Venue Management System V5.0 from Sim Racing Limited and offer multiple themed racing scenarios to users.
  • The racing scenarios vary in difficulty, making the system accessible to drivers of all skill levels, all while offering the option to switch from a manual to an automatic transmission to simplify the overall experience.
  • This is the ultimate revenue generating tool thanks to a unique and premium racing experience that is relatable and accessible to all.
  • Post-race driving performance data and competitive leaderboards will drive users towards repeat business and word-of-mouth marketing of the ASR-DX solution.
  • Durability is a key factor of the ASR-DX, thanks to high-end equipment that has been tested under multiple conditions by our team of professionals.
  • The Pod’s structure can be fully customized and branded for in-house or movie promotion through cost-effective vinyl wraps.
  • 2 fully featured ultra high-end Racing Simulators powered by D-BOX Haptics & Motion.
  • Shipping to anywhere in the Continental United States and Canadian Provinces (pricing on demand for International orders).
  • Turnkey installation services (3 technicians for a 4-day project).
  • 1 spare racing wheel and pedal set for quick on-site replacement (if need be).
  • Complete training program for local management and operations staff.
  • Secure aluminum pod structure and housing for the simulators, displays, computers and servers.
  • Venue Management System V5.0 Operating Software license from Sim Racing Limited.
  • Assetto Corsa video game commercial license.
  • Nayax Onyx payment system featuring to “tap-to-play” customer-facing terminals (Other payment system integration possible using MDB to USB Interface).
  • Closed network Ethernet solution.
  • Display solution for leaderboard and advertising o Unlimited remote support via phone and TeamViewer (9am to 5pm EST, Monday to Friday).
  • 1 in-person yearly service call for training updates, equipment verifications, fine tuning and optimization.
  • 1-year full-coverage warranty on pod structure, simulators, racing peripherals, gaming computers, servers and ethernet solution.
    • Acquisition costs (one-time fee) : 79,995$
    • Operations Software Licensing costs (yearly) : 4,995$
    • Service & Support costs (yearly) : 3,995$
    • Calculations based on the following variables : Number ASR-DX Pods, Number of Simulators, Pricing per Session, Session Duration, Days of Operation per year, Hours of Operation per day, Usage % Performance.
    • Assuming we have 1 ASR-DX Pod with 2 Simulators, Pricing is 15$ per 10-minute session, in a venue that is open 260 days a year for 8 hours a day. Target Usage % Performance of 25%.
    • With this data, we predict that the acquisition costs of the equipment will be fully reimbursed within approximately 9 to 10 months and that the unit will be generating profits of approximately 80,000 to 90,000$ for the following years of operation, if the performance variables remain fairly similar.
    Warranty Coverage Limitations
    • Any condition resulting from other than ordinary commercial wear or any use for which the product was not intended, such as use in rental, contract trade or commercial use
    • Any condition resulting from incorrect or inadequate manipulation, maintenance or care of the product
    • Damage resulting from misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents or shipping damage
    • Any esthetic damage such as scratches and chipping that might occur during normal residential manipulation, assembly and operation of the product
    • Normal and expected wear and tear
    • Damages incurred during transportation by our shipping partners or by the customers upon reception of the product
    • Dissatisfaction due to buyer's remorse.

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