Cube Controls Pedals Set SP01

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  • After a first reveal of a great looking prototype during the 2021 SimRacing Expo, Cube Controls has now officially launched its SP01 high-end pedal set. The new SP01 pedals are currently sold as a two-pedal kit but will, later on, be expanded with an optional Cube Controls clutch pedal.
  • The main body of both pedals are CNC machined out of aluminum. The throttle pedal is fitted with a 100% carbon fiber footplate while the Formula and GT brake pedals feature a die-cast pad faceplate with a textured grip.
  • The brake pedal features a 200kg load cell and can be further tuned with a selection of springs and rubber dampers.
  • The pedal pads can be adjusted to accommodate the user’s preferences. The SP01 throttle pedal stroke can be adjusted using an easy-to-reach knob that will let you change the pedal excursion angle as far as 10 degrees. You can also set the spring pre-load using the supplied HEX key on the front of the pedal. The brake pad can be set in four different positions. The Formula Version can be adjusted at two different heights.
  • The Damper setting can be changed by simply turning the setting ring on the damper itself. You can choose from 12 total values, going from 0.0 (the less intrusive) to 6.0 (the most intrusive) and all values in between. You can further customize the feel of the brake pedal using a mix of the supplied Elastomers, Springs, and Washers.
    • 1 Soft Yellow Elastomer
    • 1 Medium Red Elastomer
    • 1 Hard Blue Elastomer
    • 1 Hard Blue Spring
    • 3 Protective Washers (Large)
  • The SP01 pedals are set up via Cube Controls’ proprietary PedalUI app and are connected to a PC via a single USB-C cable. (The brake pedal is connected to the rear of the throttle pedal using an included 4-pin cable.)


  • Precision press-fit ball bearings on ALL pivot points
  • CNC machined 6061 and 7075 aluminum main structure
  • Optimized FEM design for a cutting edge flex-free structure
  • Custom brackets with adjustable main pedal body angle in 5° increments


  • Carbon fiber pedal pad faceplate (Only in Formula Version)
  • Adjustable pedal throw by a dedicated knob on the main shaft
  • Easy to reach spring preload adjustment
  • Precision machined main shaft with high wear resistance plating
  • Tolerance machined self-lubricating nylon sleeve for the smoothest operation
  • 16-bit resolution hall sensor
  • USB-C connector for the main control electronics


  • Custom lightweight die-cast pad faceplate with textured grip
  • Fine-tuning spring preload option on the main pedal, and preload ring on the compression elements
  • Precision machined main shaft with high wear resistance plating
  • Custom-designed fully hydraulic damper with 8 preload settings
  • Several springs and rubber dampers compression elements are available
  • Self-centering springs and dampers washers
  • 200kg precision load cell
  • 16-bit resolution

What’s in the box

  • SP01 Throttle Pedal
  • SP01 Brake Pedal
  • USB-C Connection Cable
  • Brake Extension Cable
  • Throttle Mounting Bracket (Light, Left, Right)
  • Brake Mounting Bracket (Heavy, Left, Right)
  • Additional Hard Blue Spring
  • Additional Elastomer Kit (Soft Yellow, Medium Red, Hard Blue)
  • Additional Throttle Spacer
  • TX25 L Key
  • HEX4mm L Key
  • 8mm Wrench
  • 8x M5x10 Button TX Screws (black)
  • 8x M8x20 Button Hex Screws (silver)
  • 8x M8 Nuts
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