Delta SimTech EVO:NS Steering Wheel (Dual Clutch)

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  • The EVO:NS  born from the same DNA as its big brother, EVO, Features everything but the screen. One of the few screenless wheels on the market with an RPM bar.
  • Built to modern standards, using the highest quality material throughout, top drawer carbon fibre, automotive grade alumimium, highly tactile inputs and full sim hub integration with the RPM bar, back buttons and backlit encoders.
  • Comes as standard with industrial grade magnetic shifters (10,000,000 minimum push life cycle) and dual hall sensor clutches (configurable as either dual clutch with bite point or dual independent analogue axis).


  • The Eye Catcher: 

    The EVO:NS was first and foremost designed to be a rig monster, affording the maximum comfort and ergonomics whilst racing. But that doesn't mean it can't be an eye catcher either, sharp angles and defined features make this wheel stand out from the crowd.


    With a diameter of 300mm and a weight of just over 1000gr (including dual clutch and hub) this is one of the lightest wheels out there.

  • High Tactile Inputs: 

    5.5N force push buttons with polycarbonate caps recessed in aluminium button guards ensure no accidental buttons presses.

    High detent force encoders make sure you only change a crucial car setting when you mean it.

    All back lit by Sim Hub driven LEDs to design your own colorway, and get that much needed visual feedback for those crucial race moments.

  • Ultimate Comfort: We went though many iterations of grip designs to ensure the maximum grip and comfort for those long sessions. Precision moulded in a matte 60A Shore silicone rubber, these grips are designed keep you comfortable for the longest of endurance races.


  • Switch Gear: 

    The magnetic shifters are designed to offer no lateral play and a crisp short throw, the industrial grade switches are good for 10,000,000 actuations, and 12x5mm N52 custom magnets offer a reliable shift everytime with no chance of accidental shifts.

    Finished with 4mm thick forged carbon paddles, these shifters mean business.

  • Raceware: 

    No need for companion apps here, all configuration happens on the wheel and is stored in the wheels on board memory, using our propriety firmware 'RACEWARE'

    Close links with SimHub allow the wheel state to be used to drive LED status' and our custom overlays show you the state of the wheel at any given time.

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