GSI Formula Pro Elite V2 Blackout (2 Paddles)

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  • The FPE V2, the return of the icon. This isn't just an upgrade—it's a complete overhaul that redefines what a sim racing wheel can be. Its combination of lightweight design, customizable features, and tactile responsiveness positions the FPE V2 as a standout choice for sim racers seeking the pinnacle of technology and design.
  • New Wheel, Same Price: Redesigned from the ground up and featuring the latest advancements from GSI, the FPE V2 maintains the exact same price as the original.
  • Integrated Thumb Encoders: Thumb encoders come to the FPE for the first time ever. Placed conveniently where they can be accessed easily when you need them most.
  • Illuminated Controls: 66 individually programmable RGB LEDs illuminate the buttons, rotaries, RPM strip, and side indicators to ensure complete visibility to the most frequently accessed controls whether you're racing at day or night.
  • Highly Customizable: Change the look and feel of the Formula Pro Elite V2 with 66 fully addressable RGB LEDs, or make it truly one of a kind with our customization service.
  • Individually Hand Assembled: Each wheel is assembled by hand and is required to pass our two-stage quality control procedure by our skilled assembly and production team.
  • Hi-Res 4.3" LCD Touchscreen

  • Dust-Resistant Silicone Handles

  • 6.5 Ncm Rotary Encoders    

  • 2 Seven-Way Multi Switches

  • 3 + 14 + 3 RGB LED Rev Lights    

  • “CEMS N52” V3 Shifters

  • 5 Backlit RGB LED Push-Button Rotary Encoders with 5-way functionality   

  • Optional "HSE" Dual Clutches

  • 10 Momentary RGB LED Push Buttons
    (500 gram actuation force)    

  • “Spec 3” Coiled Cable

  • 57 Total Mappable Inputs    

  • 66 Addressable RGB LEDs

  • 6061 Aluminum Components    

  • 300mm Diameter

  • Direct-Injection Silicone Handles    

  • 70mm Threaded Bolt Pattern

  • Carbon Fiber Faceplate    

  • Aluminum Unibody Housing

  • 1.43kg Min Weight (2 Paddles)    

  • 1.53kg Max Weight (4 Paddles)

        • Compatible with Simucube, VRS DirectForce Pro, Accuforce (Accuforce QR required) and Fanatec DD bases. (Fanatec Podium Hub required)

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