MPI-MXP07-MZD Racing Seat

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  • The MXP07 is the introductory product of MPI into the racing seat business. The only way to describe the MPI seat is for you to sit in one. Our MPI difference is exemplified in everything to engineering and ergonomics.
  • The MPI-MXP07-MZD has the features required in a professional level seat constructed to perfectly contain the driver and optimize the head and neck safety. We utilized high quality materials over the friction zones in order to create great durability. We use a proprietary microfiber to give a firm, yet comfortable feel while a driver sits in the car.
  • The seat is optimized to perform with our without a racing fire suit. We realize that many of you like to drive your MAZDA at track day events, which may not require one.
  • The back cushion is covered with highly breathable mesh material and has the classic orange MPI stripe in the middle for signature authenticity and style. The bottom cushion and lumbar support are ergonomically shaped to reduce fatigue and offer maximum comfort.
  • At MPI, we wanted to go the extra mile. We decided to add a pocket on the side of the seat for the racers to store lap timer devices or a mobile phone. The attention to details must be seen to be fully appreciated, and comes in at a price that is economical and affordable.
  • Brand new seat in fiberglass shell approved by F.I.A.
  • Integrated padded headguard to provide increased lateral support and an extra head protection
  • HANS Compatible
  • Additional reinforcement side bolsters with non-slip fabric
  • Interior Styrofoam cushions offering top comfort
  • Slots for a 5 point race harness
  • Cushions can be removed if necessary
  • Stainless steel hardware delivered type hallen M8X150
  • Weight: 21.5 Lbs. / 9.8 Kg.
  • Color: Black
  • Seat width (shoulders) : 480mm
  • Seat width (thighs) : 410mm
  • Back rest (vertical, from top to bottom) : 900mm
  • Seat length : 570mm
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