Pro-Sim H-Pattern Shifter

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  • With the help from world renowned Quaife Engineering, we have created the best H pattern shifter available for simulators. We felt the simulator market was crying out for an H pattern shifter that actually felt like driving a real car and not just pressing a few buttons on the end of a lever.
  • Our H pattern is an extremely robust design that you can really use hard without fear of breaking anything.
  • Our design is an 8 speed shifter with 6 forward gears and two extra gears for reverse that are located beyond the reverse interlock on the gear lever accessed by pushing the lever down and across to the left, this gives you the option of reverse forward or backwards.
  • The feeling of the shifter is exactly the same as a real car. When you change gear, you can see the selector rods engaging behind the Perspex cover exactly like your real gearbox would.
  • The design and concept is taken directly from a production Quaife H pattern gearbox.
  • The feeling of the shift comes from the selector rods and the centralization device used on most gearboxes rather than relying on a gate plate at the top which is what all other shifters on the market currently do.
    • The shifter itself is fully adjustable with the force of both centering and going through the gate easily adjustable by the user.
    • The pivot point of the gear lever is also adjustable meaning without changing the length of the lever you can adjust the throw between gears.
    • The shifter has a short gear lever as standard which is similar to the one found on a Caterham.
    • By the use of our shaft extension, you have an additional 150mm possible in height and this is adjustable by 70mm to any height required.
    • The shifter has a USB B socket on the back to be connected directly to your PC as a stand-alone device. A high quality 2m USB A to B cable is included.

          • Pro-Sim H Pattern Shifter
          • 2m USB A to B cable
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