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Jean m.
Canada Canada

Best pedals ever used

I started with TLCM after moving to PC I got the Heusinkveld sprints absolutely loved them but I recently got the Simtrecs and boy oh boy these things are next level. I was worried they would be just a better looking pedal than my Sprints but these pedals perform just like they look. The unboxing is something special the tools oils grease down to the spare elastomers it's all top quality no Chinese stuff here. The adjustments angles travel feel of all 3 pedals is incredible. The second you press on the accelerator and clutch you think it's a Hydraulic pedal set. Clutch feels exactly like a car. I spent a day playing around with the brake to get it like I want best experience I've had the colored book has 4 pages just for tuning it's all very clear and very easy. Changing elastomers is a 2min job and the best thing is the on the fly potentiometer knob on the accelerator giving you access to brake pressure tuning instantly. If your looking for endgame pedals without worrying about leaks on Hydraulic pedals but have a very close experience to Hydraulic pedals and Simucube active pedals are just out of reach well the Simtrecs are the answer. I ordered the baseplate from Simtrecs directly and it arrived in less than 1 week that too was a breeze to build same quality as their pedals and a must have in my opinion. If your looking at Heusinkveld Ultimate and these I would go with Simtrecs all day long. Thanks Advanced simracing for helping me and special thanks to Hugo for answering all my questions really fast.


  • Premium Construction: Strong and precise CNC machined billet aluminum construction Steel CNC machined rods and shafts, precise Igus bushings. Ball bearings in all important places for smooth, wobble-free and noiseless operation. The whole construction designed specifically for SimRacing.
  • Controller & Software: 200kg high capacity load cell, precise, high quality Vishay potentiometers. Custom developed ultra high resolution 16-bit USB electronics. Unique SmartDrive configuration software, which allow full customizability of any pedal parameters.
  • SmartDrive software gives you the ability to create custom profiles and curves, to adjust deadzones and to limit brake force. Most simulator pedals on the market have only Linear characteristics, one-in-one pedal input and output ratio. The unique feature of ProPedal and SmartDrive configuration software is the adjustable pedal characteristic. There are four different characteristics available Linear, Exponential, One point and Multi point. Pedals could be independently set to any of them.
  • The output of the Brake pedal can be limited in SmartDrive. It is very useful when the car on the simulator title what you use start to lock the brake up much earlier then 100% pedal output. In combination with the four pedal curve you can adjust the brake feel and the peak break force output exactly to your taste without any compromise.
  • Fully Adjustable Pedal Positioning and Angle: The SimTrecs ProPedal GT can be fully adjusted in height, angle, and distance. Each pedal can be independently adjusted, so you can find the perfect positioning for your liking.
  • Throttle: The pedal travel can be adjusted steplessly with a grubscrew. The curve and force can be adjusted with the slot on the pedal arm. With the preload nut the initial and the total required force are adjustable. Both adjustment are fine, precise and stepless. It features hydraulic damping to offer a very smooth pedal feel, making throttle modulation much easier.
  • Brake: Our brake system has progressive characteristic curve and has two operating stages. First simulate the pad-to-disk gap of the real brake system, the second the flex of the caliper and the brake lines. The firmness of both stage and the gap are independently adjustable. With the preload nut or washer are adjustable the real brake system pad-to-disk gap. With different elastomers and washers the pedal feel are adjustable. The kit contain 12 different elastomers in 4 length and 3 hardness. The maximum pedal force can be adjusted from 40kg to 100+kg with an potentiometer on the fly. To simulate the real cars hydraulic brake system we use dampers. The resistance are step less adjustable, to help finding the perfect pedal feel. To simulate the real cars hydraulic clutch system we use dampers. It gives very smooth and realistic pedal feel.
  • ClutchOur clutch system has concave characteristic curve, means it get firmer on the beginning of its travel and on its end get softer. This curve simulate the compression of the real car clutch pressure plate spring. The pedal travel can be adjusted steplessly with a grubscrew. With the preload nut can be adjusted the initial and the total required force. By replacing the spring (included in kit)
    the pedal force are adjustable.
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