Thrustmaster Leather T28GT Wheel Add-On (PC/PS3/XB1/PS4)

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  • The TM Leather 28 GT Wheel Add-On: a detachable GT-style wheel wrapped in genuine hand-stitched leather, compatible with all Thrustmaster T-Series racing wheels.
  • Superior Material for the Ultimate in Comfort: Leather
    • Thrustmaster has chosen to incorporate materials of particularly high quality in its TM Leather 28 GT Wheel Add-On, with leather and metal taking pride of place.
    • Taking the same approach as that employed by automakers for high-end models, the wheel’s leather wrapping covers a molded polyurethane ring and an internal hoop made of steel. The result is a more flexible touch for enhanced comfort, along with improved transmission of driving sensations and of Force Feedback effects, in particular.
    • Apart from leather, another prominent design feature is brushed metal (for a truly racing-inspired look and feel) – used for the wheel’s central steering plate and sequential paddle shifters.
  • Full Driving Controls
    • The wheel features an understated yet sporty design, with a clear focus on effective driving performance. The wheel’s two generous 5.1 inches/13 cm paddle shifters are incredibly easy to access, while the shape of its brushed metal central steering plate has been optimized for its complete set of controls: 6 clearly-identified action buttons within reach of the user’s thumbs, a 3-position rotary switch with a push function in the central position, and a multidirectional D-pad.
    • Thrustmaster Leather T28GT Wheel Add-On (PC/PS3/XB1/PS4)
        • Compatible with all THRUSTMASTER T-SERIES racing wheels: T500 RS / Ferrari F1 Integral T500 / T300 RS / T300 Ferrari GTE / TX Series* *Sold separately
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