Advanced SimRacing enters the Esports Arena
We're very proud to announce that we have entered a partnership agreement with Team Able (, one of Quebec's premier Esports organization, to create what we hope will be the fastest SimRacing team in Canada... And perhaps even better!

“We are thrilled to be working with such a renowned partner and such high skilled drivers. Advanced SimRacing offers products and services that we are proud to associate our name with. We have been looking to enter the fast-growing market of SimRacing eSports, and we see no better way to do that than by partnering with a business that is quickly on its way towards becoming a market leader in the space.”

Helmrich Vogt, CEO of Able Esports

"This new partnership is part of our desire to more fully integrate the Esports space and offer our driver line up a complete set of tools and resources necessary to compete at the highest levels. Combined with the extensive know-how and professionalism of Able Esports, we'll be able to showcase our high-quality, affordable SimRacing chassis and how they can give drivers an edge in a space where winning and losing is often determined by fractions of a second."

Marc-André Ladouceur, Chief Marketing Officer at Advanced SimRacing

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