Introducing ASR x Able Esports, our very own iRacing team

This has been a dream of ours from the get-go, so we are extremely happy and proud to introduce ASR x Able Esports, our new iRacing Esports team, operated by our newest partners and Esports specialists at Team Able.

The team will feature some of the best SimRacing drivers in all of Canada and we'll be happy to reveal their names and track record in the next few days! Watch the video for an in-depth look at our amazing livery and crossover team logo! Who would have thought that Violet, Cyan (ASR) & Red (Able) would work so well together? 
Our main sponsor will be none other than D-BOX, the world's leading provider of FIA-Licenced haptics systems for SimRacing and gaming. With their on-going support, you can rest assured that our drivers will have the competitive edge through ultra precise tactile feedback

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