Product Inquiries

Yes! Pretty much all seats are compatible with our ASR Chassis. For Bucket Seats, as long the Seat Brackets aren’t wider than 19 inches, you’ll be good to go. For Recliner Seats or Seats out of an actual car, you’ll be able to install them as long as the seat mounting base is flat.

Yes! We have upgrades available for both the Free-Standing Single TV & Monitor Stand as well as the Free-Standing Single Heavy Duty TV & Monitor Stand. The Free-Standing Single TV & Monitor Stand can be upgraded to a Free-Standing Triple Monitor Stand (Up to 32) and the Free-Standing Single Heavy Duty TV & Monitor Stand can be upgraded to a Free-Standing Triple Monitor Stand (Up to 43) using our upgrade kits.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. The ASR 1 and 3 have a different construction to the ASR 4 and 6, meaning that almost no parts from the ASR 1 or 3 would be used to complete the upgrade.

Unfortunately, not now, but stay tuned as we are always expanding our range of SimRacing products!

We don’t have a dedicated chassis for customers looking to do both, however there are ways to adapt your ASR Brand Chassis to do both SimRacing and Flight Sim. Contact us by email or phone and we’ll be happy to help you!

While it is difficult to determine an exact amount, we have tested our ASR-6 chassis with over 600lbs without any issues.

A Triple 32” setup with an ASR chassis will have a footprint of around 6x6 feet.


Of course. Send us an email as soon as possible and we’ll make the switch as well as refund/invoice you depending on the changes that were made.

No. You can only use one discount code at checkout.

If you are local and would like to pick up your order that you placed online, use discount code PICKUP7 at checkout. This will give you 7% off ASR Brand Products since we do not need to pay for shipping and will notify us that you do not want the order to be shipped. Once your order is ready to be picked up, we will contact you to let you know. *Please note that the 7% discount code is only valid for orders that were placed online and that will be picked up. It is not valid for orders placed directly at the Advanced SimRacing headquarters, or orders that need to be shipped.*

Yes, however please note that not all products are held in stock, even if they are shown to be on the website. It is always better to contact us prior to passing by if you are looking for a specific product.

Order Delivery

Sometimes when certain parts of your order are out of stock, we ship out the more important parts (i.e. Chassis, Monitor Stand, Peripherals) as to not delay the entire order due to a small piece missing. Don’t worry, it hasn’t been forgotten and will be shipped out as soon as it is back in stock.

Unfortunately, sometimes orders containing multiple boxes don’t get delivered all at once. Track your shipment using the email that was sent to you when your order was shipped out and see if there are boxes that are still yet to go out for delivery. If that is the case, they will most likely be delivered on the next day.

If you place an order and decide to purchase another item before that order is shipped out, we combine your orders on one tracking number (most often under your first order). This makes it easier for you to track, and for us to make sure you get all your items as quickly as possible.

Worry not! Sometimes, Import Fees don’t automatically get charged to our account. Simply pay the invoice UPS sent you and send us a receipt to our email address with your order number. We will refund you the exact amount off your order, no questions asked!

Unfortunately, these damages are out of control, but that doesn’t mean we won’t do anything about them. If you suspect the item inside the box may have been damaged, take pictures of the box before unpacking it, then take some close-up pictures of the damage if there is some. Send them to our email address, and we will take it from there.

Yes! Simply let us know when you’d like your order to be shipped out, and we’ll hold it until the requested time frame.

Yes. Simply let us know before your order is shipped out, and we will send you an invoice for Express Shipping. Please note that we can’t guarantee your shipment will be delivered as per the estimated delivery day.

Yes! Send us an email with the address you’d like your order to be shipped to, and we’ll send you an invoice for the shipping fees. Please note that shipping and import fees are not included when shipping outside of the North American Continent. If you are located in Europe, take a look at our European website.

Product Assembly

The CSL DD/GT DD Pro require Spacer Plates to be installed. These are often forgotten during assembly. They are small rectangular plates with two holes in each. These get mounted between the steel plate that connects to the Steering Uprights and the Wheel Deck aluminum profile.

No! Our Chassis are made to be very tight to eliminate any flexing. To remedy this issue, simply loosen the bolts holding the Steering Uprights to the 50” Aluminum Profile base of your Chassis. This should give you the needed play to fit your Wheelbase. Once your Wheelbase is installed, tighten them back up.

On some monitors, the VESA mount is recessed into the monitor, making it impossible to fit our VESA Mounting Plate. This can be resolved by using Standoff Screws, which will thread into the existing screw hole in your monitor and increase the distance between the monitor and the VESA Plate.

Yes! We include a few extra Bolts and T-Nuts in our Hardware Boxes just in case you ever loose or damage one.

Yes. Under the Seat in the front, there is a spring that is held by a hook. Remove the spring from the hook, put the Seat Cover back on, and put the hook back on the spring. If it is still not fixed, remove the Seat Cushions from you Bucket Seat. Behind them is a long velcro strip that holds the Seat Cover in place. Move it until the Seat Cover fits snugly around the shell of the Bucket Seat.

No. Instead of forcing the bolt in, try threading it in before installing the piece that is going to be held by the bolt. Sometimes, residue from the powdercoating process finds its way in the threads and makes it difficult to turn the bolt on the first attempt. Forcing it may result in the threads being stripped.

On the Triangle Support Plates, locate the hole that is larger than the other two. This is where the Caster will go. Assemble the parts in the following order, from bottom to top. Put the shaft attached to the Caster Wheel through the larger hole on the Support Plate, install the washer on top of the Support Plate, then the locking nut. Tighten everything up, repeat for the other three.

General Questions About Equipment We Use

Of course this depends on your needs, but there are some situations where one might be better than the other. For example, when building a rig with a motion system, we always opt for the Free-Standing Monitor Stands. If you are building a rig that you can easily move, an Integrated Monitor Stand will be a better choice.

For Triple Screen Setups, we most often use the Samsung G5 or G7 (32” curved). They perform very well, are easy to setup, and most importantly, make for a super immersive Triple Screen Setup. For Single Screen Setups, the Samsung G9 49” Ultrawide is an option we go for very often.

Turnkey Racing Simulators

By choosing Advanced SimRacing to build your Racing Simulator, you get more than just installation services. We take care of everything down to every little cable, so all you need to worry about is your performance on track. Our team of highly skilled technicians will make sure you are comfortable, spend time on location to answer any questions you might have as well as offer remote support if you are having any issues.

Anywhere in the world! Our team has been to England, Italy, France, Saudi Arabia, Asia and more.