Asetek SimSports Elastomer Kit

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    • Personalize your braking experience to your preference with the Elastomer kit.

    • The most requested accessory to date, The Elastomer kit includes five elastomers of different strengths, providing new options for a softer or harder brake feeling on your Asetek SimSports® pedals.

    • Allowing you to maximize your performance or achieve the perfect simulation of your favorite ride!

    • Compatible with all Asetek SimSports® Brake & Throttle pedal sets.

    • Underneath is a chart showing the pressure needed to reach 2nd stage on your Invicta™ Brake.

      • Light Green – 25bar
      • Green – 30bar
      • Yellow – 40bar
      • Orange – 60bar
      • Red – 90bar
    • This chart is showing the pressure needed to reach 2nd stage on your Invicta™ Brake fitted with the Long Travel Kit.

      • Light Green – 30bar
      • Green – 45bar
      • Yellow – 50bar
      • Orange – 75bar
      • Red – 95bar
    • Underneath is a chart showing the pedal force needed to reach 2nd stage on your Forte® Brake.
      • Light Green – 35kg
      • Green – 50kg
      • Yellow – 60kg
      • Orange – 100kg
      • Red – 140kg
    • IMPORT DUTIES COVERED for U.S.-based customers.
    • We ship from Montreal in Canada
    • Our typical lead time before shipping out orders is 5 to 7 business days. This varies depending on the purchased items and our shipping queue.
    • Once the items have shipped, transit time typically takes between 2 and 4 business days
    • Please note that all large items, such as our SimRacing Chassis, Monitor Stands and Racing Seats, might not arrive on the same day as other parts of your order. Because of their weight and size, these boxes get sorted differently at our shipping partner's logistics hub.

    When you purchase Asetek SimSports products, you have a 24-month warranty for defects or lack of conformity in the goods from the time you received the goods. You must give notice of the defect or lack of conformity within a reasonable time after you have established the defect. A timely, justified complaint implies that you can either get the goods repaired, get a price reduction or get a refund depending on the specific situation.

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