The Pit Lane Room | 4 Simulators for Group Rentals

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  • About The Pit Lane Room
    • Ever wanted to compete live with your friends on racing simulators in the same room? Here's your chance. Time to finally put the question to rest, who is the best driver in your group of friends? Advanced SimRacing now offers you the opportunity to settle the matter in a fun and exciting way. The Pit Lane Room is a racers' multiplayer paradise, with our 4 simulators outfitted with MOZA Racing and VNM Simulation peripherals. You'll be able to compete in GT-style racing on the hottest circuits in the world, or enjoy casual drifting with Japanese classic cars... And so much more! 
    • The Pit Lane Room features 4 simulators that can be booked all at once for group sessions.
    • The simulators featured in this room are not available for individual simulator bookings, meaning either a 30 minute or 1 hour rental gives you access to all 4 simulators.
  • Games & Racing Styles available
    • Assetto Corsa Competizione for GT Racing
    • Assetto Corsa with Content Manager for Drifting
  • This room is available for rental for groups of up to 8 individuals
    • 30-minute rental for 169.99$ (CAD)
    • 1-hour rental for 299.99$ (CAD)
    • Your timed sessions starts as per your booking. Please be aware that there will be no extensions or refunds for late appearances or no-shows.
    • You can request a full refund up to 24 hour ahead of your booked session. Past that mark, we unfortunately will not be extending refunds as we have allocated staff and resources to your reservation.
  • DISCLAIMER : Please read attentively
    • You need to be 16 years old or more to be able to rent a simulator with Advanced SimRacing
    • By renting simulators at Advanced SimRacing, you are aware of the risks connected to operating high-powered simulation equipment. You agree to not hold accountable or bring legal action against SimRacingCanada Inc., their officers, agents, suppliers and employees. This disclaimer releases the company from all liability relating to injuries that may occur on location during your booked session. You must acknowledge the risk involved with this activity, which includes, but not limited to, muscle tears, sprains and other physical injuries to the hands and arms. You must certify that your participation is voluntary and that you have been made aware of the risks before starting your rental session.

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